Vacation Rental Cottage on Beautiful Lake Norman, North Carolina 

Traveller's Retreat

1)  Cancellations due to the Coronavirus, or even fear of the virus, will receive a FULL REFUND of all monies paid, regardless of length of notice given (so disregard the 60 day notice clause in the lease).      I only want you coming to Traveller's Retreat if you can fully relax and enjoy as you usually do!

2)  To help ensure you arrive to a safe place, I have contracted with Enviro-Master, a commercial sanitizing company.  They state that their special hospital grade service kills 99.999% of germs including Coronavirus, while being non-toxic and food safe.  Prior to each guest's arrival, and just after the regular cleaning service, Enviro-Master will come in and execute their service throughout the entire house, porches, and dock making sure all surfaces are affected.  They will be the last people in the house prior to your arrival and will place a certificate on the door.

3)  The washer/dryer room will be left open (with detergent) to all guests for 2020.  To help protect the septic system, and thus help preserve all the mature trees in the lakeside yard, I ask that you please pack as to plan to use as sparingly as possible.  However, with that being said, it will there for you to use to whatever extent you need to enhance your sense of safety.  Please only use the provided detergent and clean the filter before drying each load.

In response to the uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought us these days, I have implemented the following for this year to give everyone the flexibility you need and the peace of mind of knowing that they are arriving to a safe place: